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Modern Heroine Soul Stories

You heard a Call of Your Soul and you answered it. 

You went on a journey.

Now we're going to inspire + benefit women around the world with your soul growth.

Debuting Summer 2017

Get ready for inspiring, authentic stories about these Soul Themes:

Spiritual Awakenings and Soul Inspirations

You heard a Call of Your Soul and had to answer it. 

Then you went on a journey to higher spiritual wisdom. 

Owning Your Power

Through hardship and struggle, you were presented with an opportunity to step more fully into yourself. You said yes. 

Then you went on an empowering journey into your innate Soul power.

Health, Healing, and Wellbeing

Your body, physical healing or a lifestyle change has been your greatest teacher.

Then you went on a journey into yourself. 

Love, Relationships, and Soul Mates

Your heart was involved, on the line, and put through the ultimate test.

You listened to your heart messages. 

Then you went on a journey of heart expansion.

Your Journey Has Been Perfect For Your Soul Growth.

Are You Willing to Open Up and Share It With Us?

Every woman is her own heroine. 

Every female is part of the grand journey of rising consciousness and rising feminine power on the planet. 

We are each contributing, offering, sharing, learning, healing, stumbling, figuring it out as valuable Soul pieces of the sum total Soul. 

And the best way for each of us to individually contribute is by answering the Call of your Soul. You know what it is at some level of your being. You understand what you need to do or at least you've had glimmers of it. You came here with this knowledge.

Becoming your own Modern Heroine is a journey as unique as you, and also tied to all feminine energies through the cosmic web that unites us in more ways than perhaps our Ego-Minds would like to acknowledge at time. 

We are here for each other. 

We are here for ourselves.

We are here for God.

We are here for our Soul growth. 

We are here.

We support each other as women when we share our stories and put ourselves out there. When we say This Is Me - not, THIS IS ME or this is me - but a powerful, confident: 

This Is Me.

The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness opens you up to more of you that has always - always! - been waiting for you. 

This is a non-profit book project with all royalties being donated to Women for Women International

Share this awesome publishing opportunity with your soul sisters, author friends, and inspiring writers!