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She Follows Her Stars To Deeper Enlightenment

Posted on August 10, 2019 at 8:30 AM

What if your biggest challenge, deepest vulnerability, or worst fear was only leading you to more of your own inner light? Dominique shares in her special story how connecting with astrology helped guide her forward after false starts and disappointments in her career. She learned more about her own powerful journey, as well as the timing of it all.

Listen to Dominique's inspiring story right here. 

About The Author:

Dominique Jaramillo is an Astrologer, wife, mother and lover of all things mystical. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys teaching and guiding others with readings that inspire self-discovery, confidence and compassion. She is the creator of Conscious Astrology Wear for women and kids and you can learn more about her offerings at

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