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Listen in! She Begins Hearing Her Soul by Isabella Aponte

Posted on August 17, 2019 at 8:40 AM

What if your biggest challenge, deepest vulnerability, or worst fear was only leading you to more of your own inner light? Enjoy this new audio book series of soul stories to inspire your own transformations and soul growth.

Chapter 3 ~ "She Begins Hearing Her Soul" by Isabella Aponte

Listen to how Isabella hears her own internal answers after growing up in a religious family with spiritual beliefs that no longer resonate with her, and how she begins to ask deeper questions about her path.

Go here for Isabella's inspiring story.

About The Author:

Isabella Aponte is a Creative Writing teacher at a middle school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is her first published piece of writing. She plans to continue her passion for education and writing, by following wherever her soul may lead.

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