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Thank You! Another Donation Made To Women for Women International

Posted on August 7, 2019 at 8:50 AM

Thank you for your support and connection to our book! We are proud to share with you that another donation has been made to Women for Women International as more people around the world purchase our special collection of soul stories.

One of our driving intentions is to create more abundance, in all forms, and it is very rewarding to see this continue to take shape.


The Intentions of Modern Heroine Soul Stories:


We are opening up to share our journeys as rewarding, enlightening, and fascinating adventures into deeper soul wisdom. Putting it all down on paper allows us to see ourselves in a whole new way. And when we share the wisdom, we connect with thousands of other women who can (possibly) relate on some level, too.





We are allowing our journeys to be a source of timely inspiration for more women who are looking for support and understanding. These 24 experiences could be exactly what someone else needs to read about in order to understand their own lives better. The ability to inspire with our private life journeys is beyond measurement.





We wish to take our personal narratives and transform them into a vessel of ongoing abundance for more women around the world. Together, we offer a special book with powerful messages that will benefit women from war-torn countries as they rebuild their lives. Then these women create ripple effects of change in their families and communities. The abundance continues on.

Please spread the word and let more people know about our book. 

Thanks again for your support and rave reviews!

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