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Posted on September 9, 2017 at 5:15 PM


By Alice Brooking

"So here I sit, a 24 year old pregnant woman who is finally embracing what it means to step into herself and the sacred feminine energy.

The continuous journey of self-discovery has led me down many interesting pathways, though they all lead to the same destination... love.

When I was growing up, I had some serious issues with becoming a woman. I couldn't stand it when my mother said “bra” or “bikini.” In short, anything that represented womanhood would bring up feelings of shame. I would stare at myself in the mirror and feel a deep-seated guilt for being in a woman’s body.

In my teen years I had no respect for myself. I just didn't care. I was ungrounded, drinking too much, doing too many substances, and eating terrible food, all with the mindset of “woe is me.”

I began to hear the whispers of my heart again. It took me a little while to listen to the gentle voice of my intuition but I finally heard it.

It was time to start respecting myself."

What happened next as Alice moved into embracing her feminine power and self more fully? Read how her willingness to love herself more prepared her for the joy of becoming a mom and the next important phase of her life.

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Face Her Feelings of Failure

Posted on September 2, 2017 at 4:50 PM


By Devon Telberg

"There really isn’t any particular event that could be called a tragedy in my life, yet I’m able to talk about failure because enough events have happened that have caused me months and years of thinking about it.

At 12 years old, my childhood friend publicly rejected me, and I spent the next year and a half eating lunch in a bathroom stall to avoid the cafeteria.

At 16 years old, my first boyfriend dumped me for no reason and triggered another year and a half of feeling alone and lonely.

There have been many other stories in my life with the feelings of failure: losing a job, being really poor, losing another relationship. Every few years something happened in my life to trigger a feeling of deep hopelessness and loneliness.

Most recently, it was losing two jobs and not being able to find anyone who believed in my abilities.

Writing about the failures in my life makes me feel that they should be over, and that I should have grown past them. But I haven’t.

The reason I spend so much time in a perceptible depression is actually me holding on to the experiences to analyze them, and make sure they never happen again. I want to be beyond that failed relationship, that failed job, and that failed situation. I have had to take a lot of breaks from being employed just to deal with my emotions; even I can see it’s not very constructive.

Perhaps I’m too thoughtful for my own good. I’m smart, capable, sufficient, and strong; but I have felt completely debilitated when overly focused on my disappointments.

It has gotten to the point where it’s overwhelming me."

So how does Devon move through these inner feelings? She connects with a new understanding of her struggles that will hopefully inspire you on your path, too.

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}



Posted on August 27, 2017 at 4:40 PM


By Dominique Jaramillo

"I call my first conscious experience of my true Self my "Popeye Moment."

This breakthrough occurred during an enlightenment intensive where I spent three days asking the question, "Who Am I?"

After two days of alternating every 10 minutes between contemplation and asking the question of myself, and then sitting witness for another person’s inquiry, I finally said, "I don't know! I am what I am!"

Yes! It was that simple! I felt this surge come up from my gut, and before I knew it, I was bent over in bliss, holding my stomach, laughing hysterically.

I remember walking around the retreat center that night vibrating from head to toe.

I laid on the grass looking up at the stars feeling totally connected to everything above and below me, and yet completely free and liberated. I was on a natural high and I never wanted to come down.

I finally had a visceral experience of God, Universal Love, and my Self as That! I am what I am.

But enlightenment is as fleeting as it is spontaneous.

You can have a profound epiphany about who you are in a moment and be forever changed. But in order for a new truth to be fully realized, and the benefits of it sustained in any real way in daily life, one must keep asking and moving through the layers of pain and struggle that come up to challenge that truth."

Dominique continues asking the big questions about her life and path, and finally discovers peace and acceptance through an ancient practice that speaks to her heart. Can that same wisdom support you now, too?

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Learns The Beauty In Pain

Posted on August 20, 2017 at 4:35 PM


By Brenda Quintero-Lombardi

The beauty in pain is real. Pain is a very real, raw emotion that takes time to fully understand. It is the soul’s way of telling us that we need to start over, change and re-ignite our hearts. Because of my pain, I have more beauty and wholeness in my life now than I ever imagined being able to possess.

I credit it to my experiences and my surrender to my Higher Power, which to me is God.

My pain began at the age of 12. A family member suffered from severe mental illness which was later diagnosed as bi-polar disorder.

I grew up feeling fear that stemmed from their drastic mood swings that went from the highs of a euphoric “I love the world!” to the lows of “I am going to scream, yell, and break everything in sight!” I remember that during the worst of it, my parents were even afraid. Imagine being a child and the two people whom you look to for protection can’t even control the situation.

The worst night was when I saw my father get pushed down half a flight of stairs. I watched, hopeless and petrified. From that day on, my childhood was gone. To endure this household I was taught to be a good girl and be quiet. Stay in your room, do not be the cause of the mood swings, and do not express your emotions. My world was silent on the inside and exhausting on the outside.

Finally, at the age of 20, I was able to go off to college and get an education. I felt free.

But freedom was very scary at first."

Continue on Brenda's journey with her as she discovers her power to choose happiness and follow her dreams while also embracing more of her power and truth.

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Finds Her Power By Being Forced Into Battle

Posted on August 12, 2017 at 4:25 PM


by Alison Baughman

"Yes, people say mean things on social media and life is too short to argue with stupid people, but what I encountered in 2015 changed my mind about that.

Nothing can prepare you for the day when you discover you are being crucified on social media and it is especially difficult when you are a public figure. When you have based your entire career on helping others and truly believe that you reap what you sow, you cannot help but be in disbelief that this is how the Universe rewards you.

Yes, I was mad at God that day and in the darkest days to follow.

My story begins by telling you that I am a successful professional #Numerologist and have built a career spanning almost two decades. Honesty, integrity and dedication are of the utmost importance to me.

I have done thousands of Numerology Readings, taught Numerology to hundreds of students, and worked hard to make the world aware of the insights Numerology has to offer.

Yet being successful also made me a target."

So how does this online attack unfold and lead to an incredible turning point in her personal power?

Continue reading in our new book where we share more #soul stories that support stepping into YOUR power by getting to the heart of what you are learning and healing.

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Rewrites Her Life with Ho'Oponopono

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 5:45 PM

She Rewrites Her Life with Ho’Oponopono

by Teresa Leming

“Another night of “The Crying Game.”

Not the 1992 box office hit; more like a pathetic after-school special called, “Her Puffy Eyes.” Other titles of my relationship films could be "It’s All His Fault" and "He Did It To Me."

The leading men who were cast in these gut-wrenching dramas would include my absent biological father; my overly strict, abusive step-father; my first boyfriend; my first unfaithful husband; the random men between husband number one and sexually confused husband number two; and then a couple of major disappointments after that.

The heroine of every one of these blockbusters was me: Teresa the Crazy, an irrational, obsessive and an overly insecure woman that progressively mastered self-desecration.

And the predictable finale of each one of these encounters included explosions, dramatics, and emotional hysterics (3D glasses included at no extra charge).

Even as the leading male role changed, I stuck with the same ending of being the victim.

If I continued to blame “him,” then I did not have to acknowledge my own role in the ongoing drama.

Thankfully I had a huge breakthrough in 2009 around my relationship patterns that led me to change my unconscious habits and heal deeply with profound gratitude.”

And oh, how this story takes a significant shift as Teresa becomes a whole new heroine in her life!

With the help of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, she changes her inner self talk and relationship patterns with forgiveness and compassion. Learn how you can release the patterns that no longer serve you as you read how Teresa connected with her spiritual nature on deeper levels. 

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Takes Steps Into Her Higher Self

Posted on July 22, 2017 at 5:35 PM

She Takes Steps Into Her Higher Self

by Debora Kiyono

“This is not what we agreed. You are not honoring your word.”

I spoke in a very calm, firm and strong voice to Emi. These words were not part of the speech I had in mind.

However, they were effective; she heard me.I had gone over to Emi’s place in order to say in person what I had already texted her: that I didn’t have the time to do what she was asking, that I wasn’t obliged to do things for her, and that she was not respecting me.

But again, she just ignored what I said. She insisted that I was the only one who could help her because I was single and had no kids. It made me really angry that she thought that I did not have anything else to do but be at her service.

I was about to lose control when my Inner Self, the deeper part of me that was paying attention to what was going on, saw the great opportunity to take over. That’s when those spontaneous words came out: “You are not honoring your word.”

Unknowingly, I had said the magic words.

For a few seconds there was silence in the room. Emi’s eyes were wide in astonishment.

All of a sudden, the discussion turned in a different direction and took on a different tone.”

As you’ll discover, Debora tapped into a deeper reason why she was meant to stand her ground and it led her on a new path of self-discovery and spiritual understanding.

Continue reading her chapter in our book to learn more about how to step into your higher self with love and strength.

{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Embraces the Gift of the Deer

Posted on July 12, 2017 at 5:20 PM

She Embraces the Gift of the Deer

by Connie Cole

A string of abusive relationships had left me shattered; low self-esteem and negative self-talk had been my companions for many years. Although participation in a spiritual community had helped alleviate much of the negativity, the same old issues lingered under the surface.

After moping around the house and spending way too much time in that negative head space, I decided to go for a drive. The least I could do for myself was to enjoy the beauty of Austin’s hills on this sunny day.

I felt drawn to drive on Bee Cave Road, to enjoy its winding curves and the beautiful scenery of the Texas hill country; to feel connected to the land and the beauty of the earth.

As I drove, I noticed along the road that a deer had been hit by a car and apparently had died quite recently. I acknowledged its presence with a small prayer and kept driving.

Suddenly, I heard a Voice say, “Go back and pick up that deer.”

Connie then finds herself doing many unexpected things as she listens to the Voice with surrender and courage. Continue reading to see how this amazing day in Connie's life unfolds in memorable, magical ways.

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

She Awakens to Her Soul's Talents

Posted on July 5, 2017 at 5:00 PM

She Awakens to Her Soul’s Talents

by Lorraine Paul

"If you had told me that two well-groomed eyebrows would lead to the final realization that my marriage of 19 years was over, I would have thought you were absolutely nuts.

But as I sat at dinner with my husband, the waiter standing at our table had the most incredible eyebrows - and I could hear his thoughts.

My husband turned to me, dismay and confusion on his face. “Why did you start talking about the guy’s eyebrows?”

I was surprised. “He clearly said he shouldn’t have waxed his eyebrows and I tried to reassure him. I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with that!”

“You’re crazy!” My husband looked away, shaking his head in disgust at me.

I realized I had heard the waiter telepathically, yet the waiter didn’t look at me like I was crazy.

More unsettling to me though, was that my husband and I were on opposite sides of the table on an issue yet again.

I made it through the rest of that meal with a soft veil of tears that came from years of hurt and humiliation. I decided then and there that I would not suffer through any more years of heartache, scorn, and disrespect with this man."

As her story unfolds, Lorraine shares how she grew spiritually in a number of ways that revealed how she and her husband were moving in very different directions. She was ready to claim more of her soul talents by opening up to angels, numerology, Reiki, and deeper soul guidance as she stepped forward into a new, truer life. 

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Thank You for the Reviews! We're Honored (and Blushing....)

Posted on July 1, 2017 at 3:55 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We appreciate your support and awesome reviews of our book!!!

We hope this book benefits as many people as possible in the world as a reminder that your struggles, fears, vulnerabilities, and challenges only connect you to more of your own LIGHT.