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She Unmasks Her Inner Magic

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 3:50 AM

She Unmasks Her Inner Magic

by Hydee Hall 

“I spent a great deal of time alone as a child.

I had no brothers or sisters growing up, and I was a latchkey kid with two parents who worked very long hours.

Yet I always "felt" I had something around me. I knew I was not alone, and it was this feeling that gave me the comfort and love that I needed throughout my life to survive. I was born depressed, hungry for joy, and looking for a way not to drown in pain.

During especially difficult times, I would go outside, look at the trees, and feel their presence in my heart.

Like magic, I would feel the company of “something” letting me know it was okay and I was not alone.

It also helped immensely to have a pet dog. Her devoted presence soothed me as she listened to my words and my silence. She was not only my best friend, but the only one in my life who gave me unconditional love.

I will never forget the date. On April 1st, 2008, a “Spirit On Site” (or what I like to call an SOS) came through for me for the first time.”

Hydee continues to share her journey of unmasking her fake selves in order to truly find and love her real self and inner child.

Learn how she does that in our book so you can ensure you are living an authentic, compassionate life as well! 

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