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She Rewrites Her Life with Ho'Oponopono

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 5:45 PM

She Rewrites Her Life with Ho’Oponopono

by Teresa Leming

“Another night of “The Crying Game.”

Not the 1992 box office hit; more like a pathetic after-school special called, “Her Puffy Eyes.” Other titles of my relationship films could be "It’s All His Fault" and "He Did It To Me."

The leading men who were cast in these gut-wrenching dramas would include my absent biological father; my overly strict, abusive step-father; my first boyfriend; my first unfaithful husband; the random men between husband number one and sexually confused husband number two; and then a couple of major disappointments after that.

The heroine of every one of these blockbusters was me: Teresa the Crazy, an irrational, obsessive and an overly insecure woman that progressively mastered self-desecration.

And the predictable finale of each one of these encounters included explosions, dramatics, and emotional hysterics (3D glasses included at no extra charge).

Even as the leading male role changed, I stuck with the same ending of being the victim.

If I continued to blame “him,” then I did not have to acknowledge my own role in the ongoing drama.

Thankfully I had a huge breakthrough in 2009 around my relationship patterns that led me to change my unconscious habits and heal deeply with profound gratitude.”

And oh, how this story takes a significant shift as Teresa becomes a whole new heroine in her life!

With the help of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, she changes her inner self talk and relationship patterns with forgiveness and compassion. Learn how you can release the patterns that no longer serve you as you read how Teresa connected with her spiritual nature on deeper levels. 

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

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