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Posted on September 17, 2017 at 4:25 PM


By Erika Elmuts

"My husband woke up, turned over in bed, and announced our marriage was over.

In a matter of days, I had packed up my entire life, moved myself and my daughter into a new home, regrouped, and began anew. I had gone from having a roof over my head, a partner who supported my vision, and being able to focus on being a mom and building my business, to having less than five months of living expenses in the bank from my marriage settlement.

At the time of that unexpected divorce, I had thankfully discovered my life's purpose and passion: helping families live healthier and more abundant lives. I was a regularly featured expert on local news stations in San Diego. I had been on a national television talk show and numerous radio shows, and was collaborating with other thought leaders in my industry.

The seeds I had planted in the early years had begun to sprout, and it was an exciting time.

After my divorce, I continued to follow my business plan, which was to continue to build my online community of parents and launch my parenting course that I had been working on for almost a year. I had more television and radio appearances. I was interviewed on NBC's The Today Show, and The New York Times asked me to write an article.

I saw all of those opportunities as a sign that I was in alignment with what I was here to contribute to the world, and my task was to show up, work, and trust what came my way.

I had lined up four massive opportunities. If any one of these four came to fruition, I would be in great financial shape. Except that didn’t happen.

I went from being hopeful, empowered, excited, and eager, to not sleeping a wink at night, judging myself harshly for being in this situation, questioning my path, and feeling desperate."

When survival is on the line, it is easy to sink down into despair and feeling powerless. Yet Erika proceeded ahead with a focus on her core values and priorities, which helped guide her through this time. Discover what she did and how it could help you on your path during times of uncertainty, too.

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

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