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Posted on August 27, 2017 at 4:40 PM


By Dominique Jaramillo

"I call my first conscious experience of my true Self my "Popeye Moment."

This breakthrough occurred during an enlightenment intensive where I spent three days asking the question, "Who Am I?"

After two days of alternating every 10 minutes between contemplation and asking the question of myself, and then sitting witness for another person’s inquiry, I finally said, "I don't know! I am what I am!"

Yes! It was that simple! I felt this surge come up from my gut, and before I knew it, I was bent over in bliss, holding my stomach, laughing hysterically.

I remember walking around the retreat center that night vibrating from head to toe.

I laid on the grass looking up at the stars feeling totally connected to everything above and below me, and yet completely free and liberated. I was on a natural high and I never wanted to come down.

I finally had a visceral experience of God, Universal Love, and my Self as That! I am what I am.

But enlightenment is as fleeting as it is spontaneous.

You can have a profound epiphany about who you are in a moment and be forever changed. But in order for a new truth to be fully realized, and the benefits of it sustained in any real way in daily life, one must keep asking and moving through the layers of pain and struggle that come up to challenge that truth."

Dominique continues asking the big questions about her life and path, and finally discovers peace and acceptance through an ancient practice that speaks to her heart. Can that same wisdom support you now, too?

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{All book royalties are being donated to a non-profit called Women for Women International to support more people around the world in practical ways.}

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